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CITIGEN-ULTIMATE v.4.0.4 (Studio) (for Blender 4.0.0)

CITIGEN-ULTIMATE v.4.0.4 (Studio) (for Blender 4.0.0)

(A perpetual license. For commercial projects. Max: 5 users.)
****Unlike CITIGEN, CITIGEN-ULTIMATE has an added feature of adding autogenerated people and cars to your Citigen cities.****

CITIGEN is a Blender addon. No need for HDRIs, no need for rigging animation cameras for simple drone shots like POI or Course Lock! With a few clicks, you can create a limitless variety of city environments equipped with streets, traffic lights, trees, and etc--as huge as your RAMs, CPUs, and GPUs allow. The default city props that ship with CITIGEN will look like a real thing from a certain distance, good enough for drone-shot-like scenarios, but you can add your own detailed building model to the CITIGEN library for close-up shots!

(CG artists can use their building asset(s) in addition to/in place of the default CITIGEN buildings. Set the size of the city block and CITIGEN will automatically create streets and parks and place your buildings within the city procedurally. But make efficient use of the size of the city, because the bigger the size, the longer your rendering time will take.)

  • Q&A

    • 1. What are the minimum harware requirements?

      It needs to be able to run Blender 2.93 and above. This is a machine-intensive add-on. So you'd better have a high-spec hardware setup. The hardware used to create this add-on was Windows 10, i5-6600 3.30GHz, 32G RAM, RTX3060ti.
      * GOOD NEWS: From version 1.6.2 on, even without high-end graphic cards users can now use Citigen in "Proxy View" mode to edit, navigate, and animate the scene. "Proxy Mode" can be briefly turned off to see the real things to be rendered.
      * ATTENTION: If you are going to render your projects with your machine only--not using render farms--double-check if you can use GPU rendering option in your machine. As of January 3, 2022, official builds of Blender do not support GPU rendering in MacOS computers, for example. (

      2. Is this a game-grade environment?

      No, it's meant for films or animation in drone-shot-like scenarios. Or you can use your own detailed models for close-up shots with CITIGEN props in the background.

      3. Are you sure this add-on is safe to use for commerical project? The price is incredible.

    • Blender has an incredible number of users, the pricing is targeted to reach as many Blender users as possible.
    • And yes, it's perfectly safe. Not a single third-party texture or mesh can be found in this addon. In order to avoid any possible dispute, all the assets have been created from scratch, every model, shader, and texture.

      4. Where can I get product/technical support, and make feature requests?

      For now, contact "George" at or Start your email as "RE: CITIGEN."
      It might take as long as 2-3 business days to get it processed.

      5. It possible to upgrade a license after purchasing? If I were to buy the hobbyist license, and then wanted to upgrade to the freelance license after using it for a while, would I need to spend the full amount or just the price difference?

      As of December 20, 2021, does not offer upgrade options on its sales page.

      However, the owner of Hobbyist version of Citigen can message the publisher of Citigen through BlenderBarket for a 50% discount coupon for the Freelance version. The Freelance version, however, cannot be upgraded to the Studio version.

  • License

    With HOBBYST License, you can download, explore, learn, and even share your works through Youtube account with less than 1,000 subscribers.  You cannot, however, use this for commerical projects either yours or for others.

    CAUTIONS: CITIGEN comes with an HDRI environment baker that can create commercial-grade HDRI images. (Although this feature was first introduced to speed up the render time in procedural-cloud-filled settings, You can also use this feature to create 360-virtual environments that can serve as a background of your mid-air scene.) The purchase of CITIGEN, however, does not grant you the right to sell/share those images, as well as any part of the addon including the python codes.

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